Where To Park At Nationals Stadium?

Where is the best place to park at Nats?

There’s a parking lot right across the street from the stadium at 1620 S. Capitol St that only charges just over $20 for regular season games. It’s the best bang for your buck for Nats games.

How much does it cost to park at the Nationals Stadium?

Nationals Park Parking Tips Park Farther Away to Save Money: During regular season, official Nationals parking can cost anywhere from $20-$49, and increase postseason. You can save more than 50% on parking if you park in a further lot. Pre-Pay and Reserve Online: You can purchase parking on the Nationals website.

How do you get to Nationals Park?

Please enter Nationals Park through the gate designated on your ticket. Gates will be color coded, and the gate name and color code will appear on fans’ digital tickets. All ballpark gates will open 2 hours prior to first pitch, and all parking garages and lots will open 2.5 hours prior to first pitch.

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Can I bring food into Nats stadium?

Single-serving food items may be brought into the Nationals Park, as long as they are contained in one of the approved bags under the Nationals then-current bag policy, or carried in your hands so the food items can be safely screened by security.

Is ParkWhiz safe?

There have been a few negative ParkWhiz reviews, but many others have had positive experiences. Overall, the service is legit and their refund policy ensures you’re protected in case any issues occur.

Is SpotHero legit?

Can you trust SpotHero? Overall, SpotHero helps save time and money on everyday parking spaces. However, be cautious as there have been many SpotHero reviews where spots weren’t actually reserved when people purchased them.

Are umbrellas allowed in Nationals Park?

Prohibited Bags: Backpacks (other than backpacks purchased on the day of the event at the Nationals Baseball Stadium Complex*). Bags that exceed 16″x16″x8″. Non-collapsible umbrellas. Brooms, poles and staffs of any kind.

Can you bring bags into Nats Park?

Yes, you can now bring a bag. Single tickets are now available, and fans no longer have to purchase seats in socially-distanced pods. Premium club seating and premium areas are reopened. Bags smaller than 16″x16″x8″ are permitted.

Is Nationals Park full capacity?

Under the terms of a policy introduced before the start of the Nationals’ last homestand, when D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser approved the ballpark to operate at 36 percent capacity, fully vaccinated fans may attend games without wearing a face covering.

How early does Nationals Park open?

* All ballpark gates will open two hours prior to first pitch and all parking garages will open two and a half hours prior to first pitch for all games.

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How many fans are allowed at Nats Park?

Beginning Friday, the team is allowed to host up to 36 percent capacity at the ballpark, which seats roughly 40,000.

Can you bring your own food to a baseball game?

You can bring in any food, and Milk, Juice, and Water. It just has to be in a soft container (no glass). Basically whatever you want just no outside booze.

What do you wear to a Nationals game?

Since most of baseball season is pretty warm, normally any red shirt, shorts and a baseball cap will be sufficient for a day at Nationals Park. In the stadium, official (and expensive) jerseys, shirts and caps are sold to fully indulge in Nationals pride.

Can you bring vape into baseball game?

Electronic Cigarettes, “E-Cigarettes,” Vapor Cigarettes, or any device that mimics smoking are also prohibited. Fans may use the re-entry available at Gate A to smoke outside of the ballpark.

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