Where Is The Texas Rangers Baseball Stadium?

Where is the new Texas Rangers stadium?

ARLINGTON, Texas – The old home of the Texas Rangers is getting a new name. Globe Life Park in Arlington will be called Choctaw Stadium going forward. The multi-year naming rights partnership between the Rangers and Choctaw Casinos and Resorts was announced Wednesday.

What happened to the Ballpark at Arlington?

Globe Life Park, formerly known as The Ballpark in Arlington, escaped demolition, which has been the fate of many other defunct ballparks. It went through a $10 million renovation to house the Renegades and the North Texas Soccer Club of the USL League One.

What stadium is next to Globe Life?

Globe Life Park in Arlington Renamed Choctaw Stadium.

What are they doing with the old Texas Rangers stadium?

Globe Life Park in Arlington, former home to the Texas Rangers baseball team, has a new name. The Texas Rangers entered into a naming rights partnership with Choctaw Casinos & Resorts for the sports and entertainment venue, and it will now be called Choctaw Stadium.

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Who owns the AT&T Stadium?


Why is Globe Life Park closing?

So the decision was made to pursue a new facility for the 2020 season—one that features climate control and a retractable roof. Despite the heat, Globe Life Park will be fondly remembered by Rangers fans for providing the best moments in franchise history.

Who paid for Texas Rangers new stadium?

That’s why they approved $135 million of taxpayer contributions for the venue formerly known as the Ballpark in Arlington more than two decades ago. That’s why they voted to give billionaire Jerry Jones $325 million for that 73-acre glass-and-steel boil known as AT&T Stadium.

Do the Texas Rangers have 2 stadiums?

Sweltering summers have plagued both the Rangers and their fans since the team moved to Arlington, TX in 1972, first at Arlington Stadium and at Globe Life Park through the 2019 season. On November 8, 2016 voters approved the proposition to fund a new ballpark for the Rangers, keeping them in Arlington until 2053.

Will Globe Life Park be demolished?

The park will survive in 2020 and even stand tall in 2021.

Does Globe Life field have all you can eat?

The All You Can Eat Seats at Globe Life Field are located in right field of the outfield pavilion. Fans sitting in sections 233-237 will enjoy complimentary ballpark food, soft drinks and water. The all-you-can-eat area is a cafeteria separate from the seats.

What is the difference between Globe Life Park and Globe Life field?

Size. Globe Life Field measures 1.8 million square feet, 400,000 square feet more than Globe Life Park. At its highest point, GLF is 278 feet from the playing field to the top of the retractable roof. Each exterior side measures 785 by 815 feet.

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How old is the Texas Rangers ballpark?

Since then, the stadium has hosted the XFL, USL League One pro soccer and 50 high school football games. Pro soccer and high school football return this year, as well as the expansion Dallas Jackals of Major League Rugby, who will call Choctaw Stadium their home in 2022.

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