Where Is My Seat At Neyland Stadium?

Where should I sit at Neyland Stadium?

We recommend rows 34-50 in sections R-W and rows 34-60 in sections A-F for the best overall experience.

How are the seats numbered at Neyland Stadium?

Upper-level sections, rows and seats at Neyland Stadium The Upper section has rows numbered 1-34. Upper-level center sections are AA-FF, T2-T7. End sections are GG-QQ.

What seats are covered at Neyland Stadium?

Seats that are covered are all seats in the West Club, rows 52 and above in Sections A, H, and J, and rows 16 and above in Sections XX1 and YY6.

Where is the student section at Neyland?

Located on the banks of the Tennessee River, Neyland Stadium is home to the Tennessee Volunteers football team. Student football seating is located in sections D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K, indicated in orange on the map below.

Where can I park at Neyland Stadium?

Main Street Parking Garage, Locust Street Garage, and the City County Building Garage are city-run parking garages that are all decently close to Neyland Stadium so they would be my first choices. They cost $20 for parking on Game Day.

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Which side of Neyland Stadium is shaded?

By 7:30 the shade will cover every lower section of Neyland Stadium. Yet, even this late in the day the sun’s beams will continue to bombard some of the upper deck in the southeast corner of the stadium.

How many fans does Neyland hold?


Where is the JumboTron at Neyland Stadium?

The JumboTron is a 44-foot by 28.5-foot video screen placed in the south end zone of Neyland Stadium in 1999. The board weighs 275 tons and is supported by a 132-foot by 51-foot superstructure.

What is Neyland Stadium?

There are more than 1,000 skeletons curated inside Neyland Stadium. Bodies are donated to the department, which then studies how they decompose at an off-site facility known colloquially as “The Body Farm.”

How big is the Tennessee Vols football stadium?

Located on the banks of the Tennessee River, Neyland Stadium is home to the Tennessee Volunteers football team. With a capacity of 102,455, Neyland Stadium provides one of the most electric college football environments in the country.

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