What Is The New Orleans Saints Stadium Called?

Who owns the Mercedes Benz Superdome?

The New Orleans Saints and Caesars Entertainment have announced the formation of a 20-year, exclusive naming-rights partnership that rebrands New Orleans’ iconic downtown stadium as the Caesars Superdome, according to a press release from Caesars Entertainment.

What is Superdome called now?

The home stadium for the New Orleans Saints is now called the Caesars Superdome. The largest gaming company in the U.S. now has the naming rights sponsor for the next 20 years. The name change became official after a Thursday morning vote by the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget.

When did Superdome change name?

The German automaker bought the Superdome naming rights in 2011 for 10 years for a reported $50 to $60 million. That agreement ended July 15, and in recent days workers have removed the silver letters of the carmakers’ name and started prepping to remove its logo from the Superdome’s gleaming white roof.

Did the Superdome collapse during Katrina?

The job was far from over; it took two days to get everyone out and onto buses. Many of them boarded without having any idea of where they were headed. Families torn apart by the storm wouldn’t re-connect for months in some cases. The Superdome was, as far as Thornton was concerned, completely destroyed.

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Who is buying the Superdome?

Caesars Entertainment acquired naming rights to the Superdome. The deal is worth $138 million over 20 years.

Why did Mercedes leave the Superdome?

Last year, the Mercedes- Benz company decided not to renew naming rights to the dome, which is home to the New Orleans Saints. The Mercedes-Benz signage at the Superdome ain’t dere no more. In March, Caesars Entertainment and the Saints were said to be nearing a deal on a 20-year agreement for the naming rights.

How much money has been put into renovations on the Superdome since Hurricane Katrina in 2005?

$336M post-Katrina Superdome upgrades completed.

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