Readers ask: Where Is Rangers Stadium?

Where is the new Rangers stadium?

ARLINGTON, Texas – The old home of the Texas Rangers is getting a new name. Globe Life Park in Arlington will be called Choctaw Stadium going forward. The multi-year naming rights partnership between the Rangers and Choctaw Casinos and Resorts was announced Wednesday.

What is the old Rangers stadium used for?

Choctaw Stadium was reconfigured from a baseball-only to a multi-purpose facility after the Rangers moved across the street after the 2019 season. Since then, the stadium has hosted the XFL, USL League One pro soccer and 50 high school football games.

Is the old Rangers stadium still standing?

Arlington, Texas, U.S. Originally built as a baseball park, it was home to the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball and the Texas Rangers Baseball Hall of Fame from 1994 through 2019, when the team vacated the stadium for Globe Life Field.

What team plays at Arlington stadium?

Where do Texas Rangers play?

The park will survive in 2020 and even stand tall in 2021.

Who bought Globe Life Park?

The Texas Rangers say they’ve entered into a multi-year agreement with Choctaw Casinos & Resorts to rename Globe Life Park, the old Ballpark in Arlington and former home of the baseball team, Choctaw Stadium.

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Is Globe Life field heated?

“If the conditions are ideal outside, essentially you would use the air outside to help drive your conditioned space in the building.” The ballpark will also provide a comfortable space in the winter months as well, as heat is provided through six boilers that combine to generate the heating system’s hot water.

How many seats are in the Globe Life Park?


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