Readers ask: What Are The Best Seats At Qualcomm Stadium?

What are the best seats at State Farm stadium?

Obviously some of the best seats are sections 128, 129, 130 & 107, 108 and 109. Putting aside the so-close-to-the-players-I-can-smell-them factor, the best seats would definitely be between rows 10 and 20. When sitting at or near the 50 yard line, elevation is important for viewing all the action.

What is the best row to sit in at a football game?

According to Sports Where I Am users, the consensus best place to sit at NFL games is between the 20 yard lines on either side of the field. Many people used the phrase “about 20 rows up” when referring to the ideal spot.

What are the best seats at Dignity Health Sports Park?

While seats in the lower level have the highest value, the best seats at Dignity Health Sports Park for football may very well be in sections 229-235 along the east sideline. Each of these sections offers an unobstructed view of the field from an ideal elevation.

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Are they selling the seats from Qualcomm Stadium?

The seats will be sold in pairs for $299, and fans are limited to two purchases. The seats must be picked up at the stadium in mid-December.

What are Ring of Honor seats at State Farm stadium?

Ring of Honor Seats are located in the front rows of each 400 Level section. These are lettered rows beginning with A at the very front. Each section has five or fewer rows which makes them some of the most convenient seats for getting to and from the concourse.

How many seats are in State Farm stadium?

Opening in 2006, the stadium offers outstanding, unobstructed views for 63,400 fans with the ability to expand to 73,000 for mega-events. The stadium has hosted two Super Bowls (NFL), two National College Football Championship games, and the 2017 NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship.

What are the worst seats at a football game?

At an NFL Game, Where Do You Sit? Anywhere!

  1. End zone upper level. These seats are the worst in the house.
  2. 50-yard line upper level. These seats are also labeled as nosebleeds.
  3. End zone lower level. These seats are mediocre.
  4. 50-yard line lower level. These are the best seats in the house.
  5. Skybox (Luxury Box)

Are sideline or end zone seats better?

I’ve sat in both and prefer the sideline seats. You’re always going to be closer to the game action, but the end zone seats affords you a great vantage point for watching the plays develop.

Are club seats good?

Is club level seating good? If your not a person for crowds, than the club level seats are good. If the your the fun filled person for crowds and lots of excitement around you than the lower level seats give you the feeling that you’re a participant of the event, other just watching and enjoying the event.

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What is LA Galaxy stadium?

Sets of seats from SDCCU Stadium — formerly known as Qualcomm Stadium, Jack Murphy Stadium and San Diego Stadium — will go on sale to the public at 9 a.m. PDT online. You won’t be able to purchase specific seats, however.

How do I get a seat from Qualcomm Stadium?

The seats must be picked up in person — at a mid-December date to be determined — because shipping is not available. The seats come as-is, riser-mounted, meaning they can’t stand on their own. To purchase brackets, customers are referred to Stadium Seat Depot, which has brackets available for $129.99 to $199.99.

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