Quick Answer: What Section Are The Bleachers At Yankee Stadium?

What sections in Yankee Stadium are bleachers?

The Bleacher Creatures sit in Sections 202 and 203. Here’s some good news: the Yankees have converted sections 201 and 239 into dedicated standing room areas, so you won’t lose half the field to an obstructed view.

Where are the best seats in Yankee Stadium?

Legends Suite (Yankees and New York City FC Games) – The best seats for a Yankees game are those located on the infield and behind home plate in sections 14A-27A.

What sections of Yankee Stadium are covered?

More Seating at Yankee Stadium

  • Shaded & Covered Seats.
  • Audi Yankees Club.
  • Bleachers.
  • Champions Suite.
  • Delta Sky360 Suite.
  • Field Level Seating.
  • Field MVP Seats.
  • Grandstand Seating.

Where are the bleachers in baseball?

Baseball. In baseball stadiums, the bleachers are usually located beyond the outfield fences. However, center-field bleachers are located in the line of sight of the batter, and the presence of fans makes it difficult for the batter to pick out the ball.

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What are the most expensive seats at Yankee Stadium?

The most expensive ticket on either secondary market is a field level seat selling for $9,285 on SeatGeek. On StubHub, the most expensive seat comes in at $5,000 in the Legend’s Suite.

How much are bleacher seats in Yankee Stadium?

Best Value Seats at Yankee Stadium Bleachers 202-204 and 235-238: Face value on these starts at $14, not bad if you believe everything is more expensive in NYC. The view isn’t horrible. Even cheaper seats are the $5 seats in bleacher sections 201 and 239.

How early should I arrive at Yankee Stadium?

It is suggested to be there 1-2 hours in advance. It takes time to go through security and get your food and beverages.

What direction does home plate face at Yankee Stadium?

At Yankee Stadium the batter faces almost due east with a slight tilt to the north. If they played games first thing in the morning, the sun would rise and shine right into the batter’s eyes.

What is the Delta suite at Yankee Stadium?

The Delta SKY360° Suite encompasses indoor and outdoor space accommodating guests for events such as cocktail receptions, weddings, and holiday parties on a non-game day. Located directly behind home plate, the indoor lounge includes a cocktail bar, luxury bar, and sushi bar.

What does field MVP mean at Yankee Stadium?

When looking at the Yankees seating chart, sections 115-125 are labeled Field MVP seats. These over-sized, padded seats start about ten rows from the field and feature a desirable view from the infield. Field MVP Ticket Options.

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What does bleacher mean in English?

1: one that bleaches or is used in bleaching. 2: a usually uncovered stand of tiered planks providing seating for spectators —usually used in plural.

Why are seats called stands?

Spectators didn’t have a place to sit in the early stadiums. Rather, they stood alongside the field, behind home plate, lined up along the first and third base lines, and gathering in the outfield. The areas where fans stood to watch became known as “stands.”

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