Quick Answer: What Is The Name Of Hawks Stadium?

What is Philips Arena called now?

Philips Arena, located in downtown Atlanta and home to the NBA’s Hawks, has a new name. It’s now State Farm Arena. The Hawks announced Wednesday they agreed to a 20-year naming rights deal with the insurance agency which currently has a regional hub in Dunwoody.

Who owns State Farm Arena in Atlanta?

Atlanta Hawks owner Antony Ressler sounded like a man with a plan for his team. One that doesn’t include overpaying players.

What happened to Philips Arena Atlanta?

ATLANTA (AP) — Philips Arena in Atlanta is being renamed for State Farm after a $192.5 million renovation. The Atlanta Hawks and the insurance company announced Wednesday they have reached a 20-year deal on naming rights for the arena, currently in the final phase of its renovation.

Where does the Hawks play?

For additional information, please visit our Ticketing Information Page. Our umbrella policy is umbrellas must be under 33 inches to be allowed in the building. The water fountains in State Farm Arena are located in the following areas: On the 100 Level outside of the Section 102 entrance.

Where is the standing room at State Farm Arena?

The primary Standing Room Only (SRO) areas at State Farm Stadium are located just above the lower seating bowl behind each endzone.

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How are the rows numbered at State Farm Arena?

Floor Courtside sections, rows and seats at State Farm Arena Floor sections have rows numbered in alphabetical order from A up to V and each row consist of 12 seats. However there may be rows at the front with 14 seats per row.

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