Quick Answer: How Big Is Azteca Stadium?

How many seats does Estadio Azteca have?

87 523

Is the Azteca Stadium the largest in the world?

Nowadays, the Azteca stadium hosts games America de Mexico and it is one of the largest sports venues in the world and of course, the largest Mexico. It is also a venue used for many concerts as those by Michael Jackson, Luis Miguel or U2.

What is the elevation of Mile High Stadium?

Located less than 50′ from the site of the original Mile High Stadium, Empower Field at Mile High stands at an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level, a characteristic that remains today as one of the most internationally recognized of any sports venue in the world.

How many stadiums are there in Mexico?

17 stadiums in Mexico This is a new football stadium, home of the Chivas of Guadalajara team.

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