Question: Yankee Stadium Nycfc Seating Chart How Do Seat Numbers Go?

How are stadium seats numbered?

Seat Numbering All seating sections are numbered beginning on the south side of the arena and continuing in a clockwise direction. Viewed from the floor, seats are numbered across the row from left to right, beginning with 1. The rows are numbered from the bottom of the section to the top, also beginning with 1.

What is grandstand seating at Yankee Stadium?

Features & Amenities Grandstand Seating at Yankee Stadium includes all 400 Level sections. These sections comprise the upper deck and are the farthest seats from the field. Yankees tickets in these sections tend to be the cheapest option outside of Standing Room Only.

Where are legends seats in Yankee Stadium?

Legends seats at Yankees Stadium are behind the Yankees and visitor dugout. Legends section run from 11 on the first-base side of the field to 29 on the 3rd base side of the field. Both sections 11,12 13, 28 and 29 are all Championship Suites. Legends section 19, 20 and 21a are directly behind home plate.

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What are terrace seats at Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium Terrace Level Seating

  • Terrace Level seats offer a much better view.
  • The Terrace Level does not require a staircase to enter. Accessible seating is available at the back of the Terrace.
  • Terrace Level seats are not covered by the roof. Shaded seats are more common on the Grandstand Level.

How many seats are in a row at Ball arena?

Each row has 18 seats in sections 124-128, 102, 104, 146, and 148. The other sections vary depending on the row.

What are the best seats at Allegiant Stadium?

Best Seats for Las Vegas Raiders Games The best seats for a Las Vegas Raiders game are located in the sections closest to the 50-yard line in the lower level sections in rows 10 and up.

What is the best seat in Yankee Stadium?

Legends Suite (Yankees and New York City FC Games) – The best seats for a Yankees game are those located on the infield and behind home plate in sections 14A-27A.

How much are the most expensive seats at Yankee Stadium?

The most expensive ticket on either secondary market is a field level seat selling for $9,285 on SeatGeek. On StubHub, the most expensive seat comes in at $5,000 in the Legend’s Suite.

How much are seats behind home plate at Yankee Stadium?

Seats behind home plate at the Yankees new stadium cost $500 -$2,500.

Can you bring food into Yankee Stadium?

Guests are permitted to bring food for individual consumption into Yankee Stadium as long as items are brought in a clear plastic grocery-style bag and are consumed in the general seating area. Clear factory-sealed plastic water bottles 1 liter in size or smaller are also permitted.

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What do Yankees Legends seats include?

Legends Suite Features & Amenities

  • Private Stadium entrance.
  • Access to the bi-level Legends Suite Club†
  • All-inclusive food and nonalcoholic beverages at the Legends Suite Club**
  • Fine dining at the Legends Suite Club.
  • Cushioned suite seats.
  • Private restrooms in the Legends Suite Club.
  • Personal concierge service.

What do you get with Field MVP seats at Yankee Stadium?

Field MVP Seats Reviews Directly behind home plate with some elevation. Seats are shaded and covered – perfect for this hot June day. Padded seat with a table next to it for food and phone. One step up the stairs and you’re at the concourse.

Does Yankee Stadium have handicap seating?

Yankee Stadium is accessible to people with disabilities. Getting to your seat is a seamless process, they provide captioning throughout the stadium, the concourses are smooth for wheelchair users, and the concessions stands are accessible and include braille. Also, if you need a wheelchair you need to bring your own.

How much are seats at Yankee Stadium?


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