Question: How Many Rows In Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

What are the best seats at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?

What are the best seats at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium? Section 36 and 38 are often considered the best seats in the stadium. However, if money is an issue, we suggest that you can pick Section 2 for the best view of the game as it is closer to the field.

Where do visitors sit at Ben Hill Griffin stadium?

Visitor seating can be found in all seating rows of section 45. Additional nearby options for opponent fans can also be found on the left side of section 43 (seat numbers 1-14), as well as the left side of section 44 (seat numbers 1-26).

What are chairback seats?

(ˈtʃɛəˌbæk) n. (Furniture) the part of a chair that supports the sitter’s back.

Where is the Florida student Section?

The Florida Gators student section is located around sections 23-35, 37, and 39-44. The Champion’s Club is the highest level, open-air seating stadium with chairback seating.

Where is the student section at the Swamp?

The student portion of the stadium includes sections 24-44 facing West. This is the loudest and most rowdy place to sit. If you want to experience an energetic game and want to get to know the student body, this is the place to be! Keep in mind, this is typically one of the sunniest sections so stay hydrated.

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Where is Florida Gators football stadium?

The University Athletic Association, the school’s fundraising arm for athletics, announced Wednesday it will offer beer and wine sales in premium seating at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and at men’s basketball games in the O’Connell Center beginning this fall.

What is a chairback?

1: the portion of a chair that supports the back of a sitter.

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