Often asked: What Is The Name Of The Braves Stadium?

Why is the Braves stadium called Truist Park?

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Braves officially announced their three-year-old ballpark has been renamed Truist Park heading into the 2020 season. Signage changes around the ballpark are underway. The name change stems from the SunTrust Bank and BB&T Bank merger last summer.

What are they doing with the old Braves Stadium?

In 2017, the team moved to the newly constructed SunTrust Park (now called Truist Park), located in nearby Cobb County. The stadium has been reconfigured for the second time, redesigned for college football as Center Parc Stadium for Georgia State University.

When did Braves move to Truist Park?

The Atlanta Braves will move to full seating capacity at Truist Park with the start of their third homestand on May 7, the team announced on Wednesday, becoming the second MLB team to do so. Atlanta began the season with 33 percent capacity at its first homestand against the Philadelphia Phillies and Miami Marlins.

Truist unveiled its new logo on Monday — two sideways T’s inside a square box. The monogram represents touch and technology, the bank said, while the square symbolizes trust. Does it work artistically?

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How old is Truist Park?

That stadium was called Turner Field, and the Braves began play there in 1997. The City of Atlanta failed to help the Braves develop the area around Turner Field, and in 2013 the Braves announced plans to move to Cobb County. That’s where SunTrust Park, now called Truist Park with the bank’s name change, is located.

Why did Braves build new stadium?

So the over-riding consideration with the move was not the season ticket base, but getting a bargain on a new stadium to replace 20-year old Turner Field. It was building a smaller stadium to get a more premium ticket. It was gaining real estate revenue.

What is the new name of SunTrust Park?

Truist Park is the new name of the Atlanta Braves’ stadium. The change from SunTrust Park, the name for the first three years of the stadium, follows SunTrust bank’s merger with BB&T to form Truist Financial Corp. The stadium in Cobb County, north of downtown Atlanta, opened in 2017.

Are there shuttles at Truist Park?

Shuttle parking sits out on parking lots 29, 31, 35, 41, and 43. Atlanta Braves parking rates for the shuttle service go for $10, so this is the best parking option at Truist Park.. Fans can use SpotHero for Truist Park parking to find great parking deals before your next visit!

Are there shuttles to Truist Park?

Once you have arrived at the Cumberland Mall Transfer Center – please take the Cumberland Circular Shuttle (either blue or green route) to reach The Battery Atlanta & Truist Park.

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Is Truist park indoors?

When visiting the ballpark, most fans enter through the outfield entrances from the Battery. Upon coming inside, fans encounter a sea of green seats enclosing the playing field. Truist Park also has air conditioning on every level to ensure fans stay cool.

Is Truist Park air conditioned?

Truist Park was designed with the fans in mind. A 90-foot sunscreen—three times the size of the former sunscreen at Turner Field—and air conditioning on every level ensures cool temperatures for fans on hot summer days.

Who owns SunTrust Park?

SunTrust Park will be owned by Cobb County. The agreement is for the Atlanta Braves to lease the facility for 30 years with an option to extend for another five years.

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