Often asked: The Who Shea Stadium?

When did the Who play Shea Stadium?

On Oct. 12 and 13, 1982, the Who performed a pair of shows at New York’s Shea Stadium. The second night was filmed and now, 33 years later, it’s making its debut in full on DVD.

Who opened for The Who at Shea Stadium 1982?

My friend, Rico, and I arrived at Shea Stadium just as David Johansen took the stage as the first opening act. This was before his bizarre career decision to become Buster Poindexter. Johansen was fine, but we were too psyched for The Who to pay much attention.

Is Shea Stadium still there?

Shea Stadium was demolished after the season and is used for parking for Citi Field.

What replaced Shea Stadium?

Citi Field is a baseball park located in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in New York City. Completed in 2009, it is the home field of the New York Mets of the National League East division of Major League Baseball. The stadium was built as a replacement for the adjacent Shea Stadium, which opened in 1964.

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Who has the most hits at Shea Stadium?

And not only did Willie Stargell hit the first-ever home run at Shea, he hit more than any other visitor with 26—except Mike Schmidt, who in later years would tie him.

Why did the Jets leave Shea Stadium?

Steve Gutman, the Jets’ secretary- treasurer and administrative manager, says of the box, ” It was built for baseball and isn’t adequate for football. ” So New York had an empty luxury box, an angry Mayor and an angry owner. But no one in the city government seemed to know exactly how to negotiate with Hess, says Mr.

When did the Clash play Shea Stadium?

The Clash, opening for The Who on their farewell tour of the US, played two nights at the legendary Shea Stadium, Oct. 12th & 13th, 1982.

When was the WHO’s last concert?

Unhappy with the Gaumont performance, the Who played another show at Shepperton Studios on 25 May 1978 in front of a hand-picked audience of 500. The performances of “Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” were used in the finished film. It was the last concert Moon played with the group; he died on 7 September.

When did the Jets stop playing at Shea Stadium?

After failing to get money to renovate Shea Stadium, owner of the Jets, Leon Hess decided to move his team to Giants Stadium, home of the New York Giants (NFL). The Jets played their last game at Shea Stadium on December 10, 1983. The New York Mets continued to play at Shea Stadium for over 25 years.

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What was the seating capacity for Shea Stadium?

Whereas Shea Stadium was able to accommodate approximately 57,000 fans, Citi Field seats about 42,000. Having a smaller capacity is not a downgrade in my opinion; oftentimes, having a smaller seating capacity enhances the fan experience, and that is what Citi Field does.

Who owns Yankee Stadium?

New York City Economic Development Corporation

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