Often asked: How Many Seats Per Row At Sanford Stadium?

How many seats are in a row at Michigan Stadium?

Michigan Stadium is bleacher seating and is made up of a single level containing up to 98 rows in a single section, making higher level rows similar to upper level seats in more traditional stadiums.

How many rows in Sanford Stadium?

To be behind the UGA sideline and to have the sun behind you, choose sections 327-335. The entire 300 level contains 25 rows of numbered seating.

Where to sit in Sanford Stadium?

The best seats at Sanford Stadium are located in sections 106-108 and 130-132 near midfield, above row 10. The reason you want to sit above row 10 is because the lower rows will not give you enough height to see over the benches, nor will it provide you with good sight lines to see the action all over the field.

What are club level seats at Sanford Stadium?

The club level, also known as the 200 level, is considered a “premium seating” area and has controlled access, and the sales are available only to a certain level of donor.

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What is the largest NFL stadium?

Biggest NFL Stadium: MetLife Stadium, Home Of The New York Giants and Jets: 82,500 Fans. MetLife Stadium just edges out FedExField in terms of capacity, and it is a venue to behold.

Can you take blankets into Sanford Stadium?

Seat cushions — no wider than 16″ and without arms or pockets — will still be permitted into the venues. Fans may also bring in blankets during cold weather events, provided they carry them in over an arm or shoulder to allow for easy screening upon entry.

How much are Georgia football season tickets?

For all games, prices can go as high as $1,000+ per ticket for lower-level sidelines at or near midfield. There are also some season tickets available on the secondary market, with prices starting at $1,080 and going as high as $2,542.

Where do I park for a UGA football game?

2021 Football Season Information Contactless parking pre-sales will be available via ParkMobile beginning at 7:00 a.m. for East Campus and Carlton Street Deck Gameday parking areas.

Can you buy beer at UGA football games?

“Georgia will be selling beer at its football stadium this season. The only people eligible are donors who donate $25,000 over five years. Beer has to be consumed in special area and cannot be brought back to their seats,” Rovell tweeted.

How much is a suite at Sanford Stadium?

SkySuites grant fans a rare opportunity to enjoy Georgia football in a premium location and offers a level of comfort and service that is exclusive to suite holders. The total cost of the suite is $16,500 per game.

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What can you take into Sanford Stadium?

For the safety and enjoyment of all fans attending the game, backpacks and large bags over 8.5″ wide and 11″ long are NOT permitted into Sanford Stadium. All persons, bags, and purses are subject to inspection. Individuals that refuse to have a bag inspected will not be allowed to enter the stadium.

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