Often asked: How Many Seats In Mets Stadium?

Where should I sit at Citi Field?

The best value seats in all of Citi Field are in the Promenade Infield, sections 510-518. These seats behind home plate are high up, meaning lower costs, but their location gives great views of the strike zone.

How much does it cost to sit behind home plate at Citi Field?

Seating is limited, but tickets are currently available. Single-game tickets are priced between $323 and $779, depending on the visiting team.

Who paid for Citi Field?

The $850 million baseball park was funded with $615 million in public subsidies, including the sale of New York City municipal bonds that are to be repaid by the Mets plus interest. The payments will offset property taxes for the lifetime of the park.

How much is a beer at Citi Field?

1 (a brand owned by Bruce Wilpon, the son of former Mets owner Fred Wilpon), Braven Crowded Spaces NEIPA, and Brooklyn Pulp Art IPA are each priced at $12.75. The only other craft beer option is Braven Bushwick Pilsner.

Is Citi Field in a bad neighborhood?

Citi Field is a great place to see a game. Not a bad seat in the house. However, the neighborhood around Citi Field is very sketchy. I’d recommend staying in Manhattan and taking the train to and from the ballpark.

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Can I bring my own food into Citi Field?

Under the New York Mets Citi Field bag policy, you can bring food into the stadium so long as it’s in a soft-sided cooler. Food: Inside the ballpark is an abundance of food concession stands offering every type of food you would expect at a large sporting event.

What are the best seats at Citi Field for a concert?

If you want to sit in a stadium seat but be as close as possible to the stage, the 100 Level is the best option for you. Note that the venue sometimes leaves the protective netting up for concerts, so seats immediately behind home plate may have the netting directly in their line of vision.

Is Citi Field real grass?

According to Citi Field’s Twitter feed, the playing field consists of four different strains of Kentucky bluegrass. To fully cover the Phillies’ field, 101,000 square feet of grass is needed, and all of it was provided by Collins Wharf Sod Farm of Eden, MD.

How much does it cost to rent Citi Field?

Reception rooms range from $7,000 for Citi Field’s Delta Sky360 Club to $8,000 for the stadium’s Caesars Club for 900 guests. The minimum cost of food and drink is $39 per person, but the average spent is $130 to $140 per guest, and you are required to use the stadium’s catering.

How much is a Mets game?

The average cost of attending a New York Mets game is $61 per ticket,$25 for parking, around $12.50 for a couple of hot dogs, and if you’re a beer drinker, you’ll spend $18 for 2 beers. This comes to a grand total of $116.50. Of course it may cost more if you prefer premium seating, more food or more beer.

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