Often asked: How Many People Did Old Benfica Stadium Hold?

What is the capacity of Benfica’s stadium?

A UEFA category four stadium and one of the biggest stadiums by capacity in Europe (the biggest in Portugal), Estádio da Luz hosted several matches of the UEFA Euro 2004, including its final, as well as the 2014 and 2020 finals of the UEFA Champions League.

What is the name of Benfica stadium?

As of 30 June 2019, Benfica has 233,228 members.

What is the best stadium in Portugal?

Top football stadiums in Portugal

  • Estadio do Dragão – Futebol Clube do Porto.
  • Estadio da Luz – Benfica.
  • José Alvalade Stadium – Sporting Clube de Portugal.

What was the another name of Portuguese?

Portugal (Portuguese: [puɾtuˈɣal]), officially the Portuguese Republic (Portuguese: República Portuguesa [ʁɛˈpuβlikɐ puɾtuˈɣezɐ]), is a country located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula, in southwestern Europe.

What is the national football stadium of Portugal?

The Estádio Nacional (English: National Stadium), also known as National Stadium Sports Complex (Portuguese: Complexo Desportivo do Estádio Nacional) and as Jamor Sports Complex (Portuguese: Complexo Desportivo do Jamor), is a national football stadium used by the Portugal national team and by Belenenses SAD since 2018

Who played in the 2020 Champions League final?

It was played on 23 August 2020 at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal, between French club Paris Saint-Germain, in their first European Cup final, and German club Bayern Munich. The match was held behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.

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How many seats are there in Old Trafford?

The supporters of Benfica, who are called benfiquistas, have played an important part in the club’s growth during its 117-year existence.

Who is the owner of Benfica?

The Club is under the ownership of Sport Lisboa e Benfica sports club. The sports club apart from Football also promotes 12 different other sports. Luis Filipe Vieira is the current president of the club.

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