FAQ: Where Is University Of Phoenix Stadium Located?

Who plays at University of Phoenix Stadium?

Regular home of the Arizona Cardinals NFL team, the 1.7-million square foot University of Phoenix Stadium also occasionally hosts major sporting events like the Fiesta Bowl, Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four, various expos, major concerts and other shows like Monster Jam.

Is State Farm Stadium the same as University of Phoenix Stadium?

University of Phoenix Stadium is now State Farm Stadium, under an 18-year naming rights agreement reached by the Arizona Cardinals Football Club and State Farm. The stadium is home to the Cardinals and college football’s Fiesta Bowl. It will host its third Super Bowl in 2023.

Who paid for the Arizona Cardinals stadium?

The stadium is built on 28 acres that is owned by the sports authority. The Cardinals paid for 25% of the stadium, $109 million, including cost overruns and the state Tourism and Sports Authority paid for 75% of the stadium. The Cardinals also bought the land for the stadium at a cost of $18.5 million.

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In which city would you find the University of Phoenix Stadium?

The University of Phoenix Stadium, located in the warm suburb of Glendale, AZ, has become a top-notch international sports venue in the recent years, hosting many important events, additional to Arizona Cardinals NFL games.

What happened to University of Phoenix Stadium?

The Arizona Cardinals have a new name for their home stadium. The stadium, which was formerly known as University of Phoenix Stadium, will be called State Farm Stadium after a new 18-year naming rights agreement with the insurance company. The team announced the stadium’s new name on Tuesday.

Why was University of Phoenix stadium renamed?

State Farm Stadium is a sports venue in Glendale, Arizona. Shortly after opening, the stadium was renamed University of Phoenix Stadium. This name was due to a corporate sponsorship contract; the University of Phoenix is a for-profit school without a sports program.

Is the Arizona Cardinals stadium real grass?

The roll-out natural grass playing field is contained in a single 40 inch deep tray measuring 234 feet wide and 403 feet long. Rolling on 546 steel wheels which rest on 13 railroad-like tracks the field travels the 740 feet inside or out of the stadium in approximately 70 minutes at the push of a button.

What is the NFL stadium in Arizona?

State Farm Stadium

Where did Arizona Cardinals play before State Farm stadium?

History. Since moving to Arizona from St. Louis in 1988, the Cardinals had played at Sun Devil Stadium on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe. The Cardinals planned to play there for only a few years, until a new stadium could be built in Phoenix.

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What football stadium has a retractable field?

One of Allegiant Stadium’s most unique features is the retractable field tray that holds the Raiders’ natural grass playing surface.

What city do the Cardinals play in?

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

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