FAQ: Where Is The Etihad Stadium?

Where is the Man City stadium?

Etihad Stadium lies east of Manchester City Centre, accessible using either the A635 or A62.

Does Manchester City own the Etihad Stadium?

The stadium had an initial seated capacity of 41,000 (including 3,000 temporary seats). The Etihad Stadium is still owned by Manchester City Council.

Why is it called Etihad Stadium?

In July 2011, CoMS was renamed the Etihad Stadium, sponsored by Etihad Airways who fought off competition from Ferrostaal and Aabar to gain the stadium naming rights.

What does Etihad mean in English?

[Etihad means ‘ unity ‘. It] can also stand for union, alliance, friendship and united. [Etihad means] ‘united’ in Arabic. It means, literally, ‘united’.

When did Man City move to the Etihad?

Etihad Stadium Man City moved from their old home at Maine Road to the state-of-the-art facility at the start of the 2003-04 season. Formerly known as the City of Manchester Stadium, the venue was renamed in July 2011 to proudly carry the Etihad title.

How many seats does the Etihad have?

The first goal at the stadium was scored by Nicolas Anelka. The first competitive match followed four days later. It was a UEFA Cup game between Manchester City and Welsh Premier League side TNS.

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How far is Etihad Stadium from train station?

Book travel across Europe Ashburys is just five minutes away from Manchester Piccadilly Station on the train, and so many visitors typically go via here. The stadium, home of Manchester City FC is about a ten-minute walk away from Ashburys station.

Does Etihad Campus tram go to cornbrook?

The distance between Cornbrook and Etihad Campus tram stop is 3 miles. Cornbrook to Etihad Campus tram stop bus services, operated by Stagecoach Manchester, depart from Cornbrook, Hulme Hall Road station.

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