FAQ: Where Is Gwinnett Braves Stadium?

Where is the Gwinnett Stripers Stadium?

The Gwinnett Stripers are a Minor League Baseball team of the Triple-A East and the Triple-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. They play their home games at Coolray Field in unincorporated Gwinnett County, Georgia (with a Lawrenceville address) in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

What team plays at Coolray Field?

Coolray Field – Gwinnett Stripers.

What is being built at Coolray Field?

The Fieldhouse. The Fieldhouse is a mixed use multifamily and retail project to be built in the left field of Coolray Field in Gwinnett County.

When did Coolray Field Open?

Ground was broken on the site on June 3. And 800,000 man-hours of construction (one can only imagine how much of it was overtime) later, it opened April 17, 2009, with the park’s very first pitch shown in the photo above.

Where do the Jacksonville jumbo shrimp play?

Celebrate baseball’s traditions with the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp at 121 Financial Park. Bring the whole family to see The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp AA team play at 121 Financial Park in Jacksonville from April through August.

Can you buy tickets at Coolray Field?

Coolray Field in Lawrenceville Tickets | Buy Tickets Online or Call 1-800-515-2171 | Box Office Ticket Sales.

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Does Mississippi have a baseball team?

The Mississippi Braves, or M-Braves as they are referred to locally, are a Minor League Baseball team based in Pearl, Mississippi, a suburb of Jackson. The team is the Double-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, and plays in the Double-A South.

Where do the Atlanta Braves play?

Truist Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves is the first of its kind — a destination that simultaneously builds and integrates a state-of-the-art Major League Baseball ballpark with a multi-use development and community.

Who is coolray?

Coolray was founded by Ray Fussell in 1966 in Marietta, Georgia. Our first service vehicle was an old family wagon that was just big enough to carry some tools and basic supplies. Back then service and projects were approved by our customers with a handshake.

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