FAQ: What Sections Are Uga Side Of Samford Stadium?

What surrounds the field in UGA stadium?

Games played there are said to be played “between the hedges” due to the field being surrounded by privet hedges, which have been a part of the design of the stadium since it opened in 1929.

Where is the student section at UGA?

The sections behind the west endzone, sections 139-143, are designated student sections, so this area is one of the loudest in the stadium. Students tend to stand during a majority of the game, so it may be difficult to see the action when sitting in or around these sections.

What are the hedges at Georgia?

12, 1929, a momentous occasion on which the most famous flora in football, if not all of sports — the distinctive privet hedges ringing the field at Georgia’s Sanford Stadium — was first planted, in a matter of speaking, into America’s sports consciousness.

What kind of hedges are at Sanford Stadium?

Privet hedges have encompassed the field at Sanford Stadium for 88 years. They had been replaced just once.

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How much do UGA student football tickets cost?

Students may request tickets for as many of Georgia’s four home games as they wish, but are not guaranteed a seat for each request. Tickets will cost $10 per game, with a $2 fee on each order, and students must apply for at least one ticket to be eligible for donated tickets, according to the email.

Can you sell UGA student tickets?

For questions regarding the payment of student athletic fees, contact the Bursar’s Office at 706-542-2965. Student tickets will no longer be activated via UGA ID Cards. As a reminder, student tickets may not be resold and are unable to be transferred.

Where are the best seats at Sanford Stadium?

The best seats at Sanford Stadium are located in sections 106-108 and 130-132 near midfield, above row 10. The reason you want to sit above row 10 is because the lower rows will not give you enough height to see over the benches, nor will it provide you with good sight lines to see the action all over the field.

Where is the Georgia Clemson game?

Georgia Tech and Clemson will face off in an ACC battle at 3:30 p.m. ET at Memorial Stadium.

What are silver britches?

Silver Britches The handsome pants, complimented by a bright red jersey, made for a striking uniform.

How many fans does Neyland hold?


Does Sanford Stadium sell beer?

If you really want to (legally) consume alcohol inside Sanford Stadium, it’s going to cost you. “ Georgia will be selling beer at its football stadium this season. The only people eligible are donors who donate $25,000 over five years.

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How many seats are in Sanford Stadium?

Sanford Stadium, one of the premiere atmospheres in college football, has not seen a full crowd since 2019. With 92,746 seats available, the Bulldogs’ stomping ground ranks ninth in college football stadiums based on size alone.

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