FAQ: How Many Seats In Panthers Stadium?

How many seats are in a row at Bank of America Stadium?

On average, most Upper Level sections have between 20-24 seats on each row.

How many fans can attend Panthers game?

Based on official capacity of 74,867, the team will be able to have up to 5,240 fans inside the stadium. Most of the fans at the game will be season-ticket holders who entered two-game ticket lotteries prioritized on the basis of how long a ticket buyer has owned seat licenses.

Where should I sit at Bank of America Stadium?

For the best overall experience, choose rows 17 and above in sections 110-113 and 130-133. These rows offer very good elevation, a view from between the 20-yardlines, and are set just in front of the main walkway.

Is Carolina Panthers stadium a dome?

If, or perhaps when is more appropriate, the Panthers build a new stadium, it won’t be a dome. In 2019, Tepper floated the idea of putting a retractable roof over Bank of America Stadium or building a new domed stadium in hopes of attracting other major events, like the Final Four or College Football Playoff.

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What are the best seats at Banc of California Stadium?

Best Seats For a Concert at Banc of California Stadium Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in 121, 122, 123 and 221 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance. Even upper level sections offer unobstructed sitelines.

Who owns Bank of America Stadium?

Bank of America Stadium will open at 100% capacity this year with no mask requirement or proof of vaccination for fans. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Bank of America Stadium will be open at 100% capacity for fans during the 2021 NFL season.

What is club level at Bank of America Stadium?

On the Bank of America Stadium seating chart, the Club Level is located along the sideline in the second tier of seating. The stadium seats in these sections are silver, which gives these sections the name Silver Club. The elevation of these seats is absolutely perfect for watching end-to-end action at a Panthers game.

Where is the Panthers stadium?

Opened in the summer of 1996, Bank of America Stadium is located in uptown Charlotte and was specifically designed for football.

Are the Panthers getting new uniforms?

The Panthers will wear black tops seven times in 2021, the most games in black since 2001, the year before blue alternates were introduced. In regular season competition, the Panthers are 111-125-1 in white jerseys, 69-72 in black and 20-18 in blue.

Are fans allowed at Bank of America Stadium?

The new guidelines do not place restrictions on capacity. #Panthers announce that all guests and staff must wear mask in indoor spaces, including indoor concourses at 300/400 levels. Face coverings are not required outdoors. Masks available at entrance points.

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