FAQ: How Many Seats In Carter Finley Stadium?

How many does Carter Finley seat?

In its 50 years of existence, Carter-Finley Stadium (with a capacity of 58,000 ) has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting venues in college football, mainly due to the dedication of Wolfpack fans.

How big is Carter Finley Stadium?

Wayne Day Family Field at Carter–Finley Stadium is home to the NC State Wolfpack football team. It was opened in 1966 and has grown to a seating capacity of 56,919 seats.

Who is Carter Finley Stadium named for?

When the Wolfpack Club and directors approached him about naming the new football stadium Finley-Carter stadium, he was adamant that his name come after Carter, which of course paid homage to brothers Harry and Nick Carter, a pair of NC State graduates who were successful textile manufacturers and supporters of the

Is NC State football stadium on campus?

How many fans does Neyland hold?

Wallace Wade Stadium, in full Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium, is a 40,004-seat outdoor stadium in the southeastern United States, located on the campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Primarily used for American football, it is the home field of the Duke Blue Devils of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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What do they call Clemson stadium?

Clemson’s home turf has been hailed as Death Valley for decades and there is an interesting history behind the stadium’s nickname. The Clemson Tigers football team calls Memorial Stadium home, but most know the stadium by the name “Death Valley.” 6

When was Carter Finley stadium built?

The stadium opened on Oct. 8, 1966, when the Wolfpack hosted South Carolina for Dedication Day.

How do you get NC State football tickets?

2021 Wolfpack Football Season Tickets are Now On Sale! Get Your Season Tickets Today! If you qualify for discounted Faculty/Staff, Young Alumni, or Varsity Club season tickets, call (919)865-1510 or email [email protected] to speak to a dedicated season ticket services representative.

What is the capacity of Lane Stadium?


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