FAQ: How Does Hillsborough County Make Money Off Raymond James Stadium?

How much does Raymond James pay for stadium?

Once completed, the final cost of the new stadium was $168.5 million, with the entire cost publicly financed. It was known as Tampa Community Stadium during construction, but the naming rights were bought for $32.5 million for a thirteen–year deal by St. Petersburg-based Raymond James Financial in June 1998.

What company owns Raymond James Stadium?

Parking Lot Policies: All parking lots are utilizing cashless and contactless transactions.

Can you sit on the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium?

Fans can arrange to sit on the pirate ship during games.

How old is Raymond James Stadium in Tampa?

The Tampa Bay Mutiny were the stadium’s fourth and final professional tenant. The Mutiny used the stadium as their home field for their first three seasons, and moved to Raymond James Stadium in 1999.

Where is the pirate ship in Raymond James Stadium?

Located beyond the north endzone at Raymond James Stadium, Buccaneer Cove, is modeled after a 19th century Pirate village. Costing $3 million, Buccaneer Cove’s main attraction is a 103 foot long replica Pirate ship.

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Why is the Tampa stadium called Raymond James?

After a referendum was passed, construction began on the Buccaneers stadium in October 1996. Constructed adjacent to Houlihan Stadium, fans could watch as the stadium was being constructed. Raymond James Financial of Tampa purchased the naming rights for 13 years, thus the stadium was named Raymond James Stadium.

Does Raymond James Stadium have real grass?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Raymond James Stadium Tifway 419 Bermuda grass is a common theme among the top fields in the NFL, and Tampa Bay joined Sports Illustrated’s list at #2 in the nation. Florida’s sunny days help to provide nutrients to the Buccs’ home field, making it a soft and supple place for the players to play.

Where is Superbowl 2021?

*STADIUM TOURS MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. THERE WILL BE NO WALK-UP TOURS OFFERED. We are excited to offer exclusive, year-round tours of the distinctive Raymond James Stadium. This 75 minute-long walking journey will give you backstage access to many different aspects and workings of the stadium.

Can you walk to Raymond James Stadium?

Yes; you can walk it.

Can you use cash at Raymond James Stadium?

Cash isn’t clean, so Raymond James Stadium has already implemented cashless food and beverage spots. Reverse ATMs are on-site to convert cash to a universal use Visa value card, the stadium said. You can find out more about the Super Bowl’s touchless payment plan here.

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