FAQ: Busch Stadium What Can I Bring In?

What can you carry into Busch Stadium?

Permitted Items Empty outside cups, mugs and plastic bottles, duffel bags, tote bags, cinch bags and ice packs are now permitted inside Busch Stadium. Backpacks, alcohol, bottles, cans, thermoses, hard-sided coolers, and mugs are not permitted.

Do I have to wear a mask at Busch Stadium?

St. Louis, MO (WSIL) — All fans are required to wear a mask at Busch Stadium and while visiting indoor spaces at Ballpark Village. This comes after St. Louis City and County issued a mask mandate earlier in the week.

Can you bring a stroller into Busch Stadium?

Guests with strollers are welcome in Busch Stadium; however, the use of strollers should not interfere with other guests or block entryways or aisles. Strollers should be stored under the guest’s seat or may be checked at Guest Relations. More info at Cardinals.com.

Can you use cash at Busch Stadium?

Cashless transactions: Concession stands, kiosks and other retail transactions made in the stadium are cashless and only offer credit and debit payment options. Debit cards are available for purchase using cash with no service fees at a limited number of locations inside the stadium.

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Can you take water bottles into Busch Stadium?

Guests may bring their own food & drinks into Busch Stadium for all games. Non-alcoholic beverages including water and soda in factory sealed clear plastic containers no larger than 2 liters are allowed.

How much is a beer at Busch Stadium?

Prices: $12.50 (20 oz Draft) $21.00 (32 oz Draft) $10.25 (16oz Craft Beer Can)

What age needs a ticket at Busch Stadium?

Yes. The Luxury Suites are open for all ages. Any child four years of age or older must have a valid Luxury Suite ticket for admission. Children age three and under do not require a ticket for admission to Busch Stadium or the Luxury Suites.

How many fans are allowed in Busch Stadium?

So far this season, Busch Stadium has been limited to up to 32% capacity. The stadium has 46,000 seats, which means up to 14,720 tickets have been sold per game. The team has been selling tickets month-by-month to be flexible with any changing COVID-19 health protocols, case trends and vaccine rates.

How early do gates open at Busch Stadium?

Gates open one and a half hours prior to Monday through Thursday games and two hours before Friday and Saturday games. Abernathy says no matter where you are coming from, get to the game early. This year, the Cardinals will continue using walk-though magnetometers at all of the gates and stadium entrances.

Can you bring a broom to a baseball game?

*Any Bags/Luggage (larger than 9″ x 5″ x 2″, excluding clear single-compartment bags 12″ x 6″ x 12″ or smaller) Brooms/Broomsticks/Poles. Camera Lenses ( exceeding 8 inches in length) Cans and/or Glass Containers.

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How much does food cost at Busch Stadium?

Earlier this month, Busch Stadium unveiled its updated food prices for 2019 home games. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s $5.25 for Doritos, $6.50 for a soda, $9.25 for your standard 16 ounce beer, $10 for a pretzel. $20.50 for two burger patties stuck between a bun with some fries.

Are they selling beer at Busch Stadium?

Louis brews, there are quite a few options at Busch Stadium: Schlafly Summer Lager, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company Big Shark Lemon Radler and 4 Hands Single Speed (American blonde ale), to name a few.

Are they selling food at Busch Stadium?

Busch Stadium Food In addition to hosting a great MLB team, Busch Stadium offers a wide selection of food for their fans to enjoy.

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